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Jodie & Peter's Avon Ridge Vineyard Wedding

If you ever grew up on Disney movies you will remember what they taught you about the prince you were going to marry. The way he looks at you, dotes on you, the way he sees you as his princess no matter who you are and where you came from. As you grew up you began to realise that your prince could show you this in different ways, that he didn't have to be 'prince charming' to be yours. And then... you meet Jodie & Peter.

Jodie found her prince charming, and Peter found his Queen. The looks, the doting, the way he cherishes the ground she walks on, the way she glows in his presence. The fairytale right in front of you, and whats even better is that this one is real!

Set in the beautiful surrounds of Avon Ridge Vineyard in Maffra, Jodie & Peter joined their families as one in a gorgeous ceremony, marking their continued journey together, their love for each other, and their love for their families.

Congratulations to Jodie & Peter... and they lived happily ever after...