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Fluffy dogs and baby bumps!

If you've been following me for a while, you've probably realised animals are like family to me. So when someone comes by and asks to include their furry family, I'm in!

When Hayley asked if I could come down to the beach for a maternity shoot, she sheepishly asked about including her 2 dogs as well, unsure if it would even be possible. Me being me, of course! I was up for the challenge... no dog could be nuttier than mine... surely?! 

Oh My!!!! As soon as I spotted them on the beach, those fluffy FLUFFY puppies!! ... no I couldn't help myself and perhaps hyped Mav up a little on greeting, but who can resist those two beautiful faces, and their fluffiness?! I swear they were both the softest fluffiest dogs I've ever cuddled!! Watching how this family of four interacted with each other, you just know their baby is coming into a home full of love and care. The sweet and playful nature of Nook and Mav, and the love and calm of Hayley and Adam, their baby is going to be spoilt! 

I love to keep my sessions casual, going with the flow and encouraging interactions means I get to see and catch those moments of connection, those moments of realness, silliness and random photo bombing by fellow members (I know I've said this before, but there will be a photobombing blog to come when I get a moment ;) ). I loved this session and gallery for more reasons than one thats for sure, and I don't think its hard to see why ;).