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A love of birds

When I was younger, I was obsessed with birds. My books were about birds, I knew the name of every bird ... even the Bastard (hehe... no I still haven't grown up), and I even loved to draw them. Basically I was the bird girl (no one said it, but they could never beat me in bird trivia ;) ). I may not be obsessed with birds these days, but I do still love them. 

My favourite bird was always the Macaw, and to this day still is! So when we hit up the Bird Park in Bali I couldn't wait to hold them, see them and whip my camera out :). To keep things simple (and because I'm in love with it) I brought along my 50mm f1.8, so naturally got very up close and personal with our feathery friends... and as you can see... I got excited when I met the Macaws ;)

ps. if you follow me on instagram @chelsea_anne_photography you may spot me covered in birds :p