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Red Curls and Puppy Dog Twirls

Introducing the absolutely adorable Amelia & her puppy Zeus!

I met Amelia over a year ago for her first birthday. This year, she turned two, and what perfect way to capture this moment than fun at Kilcunda Beach & bridge with her big puppy! When I was told there was a puppy involved I was perhaps a little too excited... pets & their kids, I just can't resist!

Amelia's curls definitely didn't disappoint, they are just the sweetest most gorgeous curls I've ever seen! (even if Mum doesn't agree... I don't have to brush it ;p), and Zeus, he is the big goofy and adorable puppy. At one point I was playing tag with him in an attempt to catch him after he got free, with camera in hand, I actually succeeded in getting a hold of him (after the 5th or so try lol), he thought it was the best game ever! And well, I think it was pretty good to ;). Zeus may be a big goofball now, but he is going to always have Amelia's back, they are just so comfortable around each other, nothing bothers them.

As toddlers do, they have those days where they just don't want their picture taken, and that's okay. My main point is to send them exploring and playing, and it only takes little moments to be the perfect moments. See for yourself in our gallery peak below!