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Baby Ryder

Introducing 6 week old Ryder! 

Ryder had a rocky start to life, born not breathing. Thankfully to the quick thinking staff at Warragul hospital, this little man is here today with the strength and love of his parents and family.

Due to having complications, Ryder's mum was unable to organise his newborn session in his first 2 - 3 weeks. She questioned whether maybe she should just wait until he was a bit older. BUT it was clear she would have loved to have those newborn moments, so I wasn't giving up easily and we were going to do our best to create a newborn session for Ryder at 6 weeks old. Somehow I think Ryder knew too...

We planned for his session to be awake, and found he fit perfectly in our banana boat. But when Ryder turned up, he was asleep.... undressed him... still asleep, wrapped and placed him in the boat... still sleeping... WOW! (wish my kids slept like that! haha) ... he was the perfect little model for his mum. I am so happy we were able to give his family these moments that they thought had passed by already. I hope that just this little moment was something to give back to all the fear & stress Ryder's parents faced after his arrival. Something they can always look back on and smile at their little miracle.