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Balinese Cultural Dance

I LOVE to travel. I mean who doesn't when you can use it to escape Winter into the beaming sun and warmth, or if your a snow baby, to chase the winter. But the one thing I love the most, is the culture. I am one of those curious people who love to learn and soak up everything, to understand different ways and different stories. I never went to University, but had I, I'd probably be one of those people who never leave, continuously signing up for new degrees just so I can learn more. So when my sister in law told us we were going to see a dance whilst over in Bali recently, I was definitely excited!

The Barong and Kris Dance is a traditional Balinese cultural dance. The Play represents an eternal fight between good and evil spirit. Barong (a mythological animal) represents a good spirit, and Rangda (a mythological monster) represents an evil one. Even though I do not understand the Indonesian language and missed the verbal jokes, the performance was full of humour and fun in sometimes very inappropriate ways (I think those where the only jokes I understood lol). So I thought I would share a little with you, as promised, from the Sekehe Barong Sila Budaya.