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Brittany's Beachside Maternity Session

You know when you meet someone and they just blow you away with the care, love and tenderness they have? Well this is it, Brittany and Coby...

I just loved watching the two of them interact with each other, and Coby interacting with my 5 year old when he wanted him to play lego with him. A lot of the time we can lose the kid in us, but Coby most definitely knows how to find that kid again, and their little one is up for so much fun ahead! As Brittany was having her hair & makeup done by the beautiful Chloe Rose Make up Artistry, without any thought, Coby was in awe of her, letting her know how amazing she looked in full support of her. It was absolutely beautiful, the respect, care and tenderness towards each other just blew me away, as it always does. 

On the beach, they didn't skip a beat. The way they looked at each other, for each other. The way they held their baby and expressed their love, as a family. There was no hesitation. There was no judgement, there was just love.

And here they are...