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Celeste & Jed's Magical Mossvale Park Wedding

This is a story like no other... in fact, this story begins when Celeste & Jed were just children and a birthday gift from the heart that lasted a lifetime...

They were just kids, not to know where their future would lead. He gave her a gift... a little of his heart, and despite as time went on and their lives took them in different directions, there was something inside that was still alive for each other. She never let that heart go... 

In the gorgeous surrounds of Mossvale Park, Celeste & Jed tied the knot with their friends and family by their side in AMAZING style! From the classic cars, to the one of a kind gown & unique bouquets, every detail perfect, every detail a representation of them. Their uniqueness, their story & their freedom in love and life. But there was one detail, such a tiny little detail, that had the biggest impact of all... on Celeste's wrist sat that little heart, the gift Jed had given her all those years ago as children... something she held on to forever. That is ever lasting love, and if that little tiny heart could survive all those years no matter how far apart they were, then you just know that by each others side, these two are unstoppable in love and in life.