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Our Trip to Hosier Lane

If you didn't know, I LOVE street art! The colours, shapes, the work and talent that goes into creating such big and intricate pieces of work is just amazing! 

On our Hobart trip, I dragged my husband around hunting for some artwork for him to model with. But Hosier Lane, OMG that was just another world! I was expecting to rope my husband in again, but to my surprise, despite an already big day, our 4 year old turned to me and said 'take my picture mummy!' ... my heart may have skipped a beat...

Master X is not very pose able, other than asking him to stand in a certain spot (if he feels like it), so its always fun to see what I can achieve in the small window he does give me, with him taking the lead. To be honest, that is just the way I like it with kids, and the best way to capture them.

So in saying that, here's the finished product. Enjoy!