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Rochelle & Cassidy's Hyde Park Engagement

I've known Rochelle for a long time now, from back in the days of kickboxing training in Perth and being her model for her University Photography projects! In fact, Rochelle inspired me to consider the professional side of things. I have had the pleasure of being in front of her camera, not just as a model but as a client on my Wedding day, and I have also now had the pleasure of working with her and being her photographer! 

It is so amazing seeing people fall in love, its even better witnessing that first hand as a friend. This was actually the first time I have met Cassidy and seen them together. So coming back to Perth and getting this opportunity was nothing short of awesome! And Rochelle's request... Hyde park! Yes please! It's been years since I've been through this gorgeous park with the beautiful majestic trees surrounding a lake full of bird life around the sanctuary of their private little islands.  A much similar feel as our Mossvale Park (with an additional lake), and just as loved by many. The perfect setting to speak their story of love and life.

Thank you Rochelle & Cassidy!