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Inside the Studio

If you've been following us on Facebook, you may already have come across an introduction into our studio space (the pictures below, also found on my about page). For those of you who don't, or have just come upon our webpage, I would like to introduce it to you on the blog!

When I talk about my studio, really it's a home studio. The difference being is that you have to navigate the piles of cars and toys strewn around the lounge, wear your blind folders on as you pass the kitchen ;p until you enter a large white and bright games room, hijacked from my kids for my studio (seriously though... the toys always ended up everywhere else with them, and NOT the playroom, so more for me ;p). Okay so the house isn't that bad, but they do like to tip a whole box of cars out just minutes before some one arrives when I've clearly been cleaning up :| lol. The best thing about my home studio is that for non private sessions, my kids get to help. They are often found in control of the bubble machines, and making a mess behind me, all in the while helping entertain our little people. And when new sleeping babies arrive, they turn into little nurturing people (okay so Mr almost 2 gets curious, tries to steal dummies and runs around with a motor mouth, as per normal, so he is generally being watched, having a nap or confined to a porta cot with toys galore!... how do they end up with so many?!) Okay all jokes aside, thats only weekdays ;) 

The studio is designed around my photography style, light, airy and natural. Taking advantage of multiple large sun drawn windows for natural light, and incorporating studio flash for the more private sessions to create that glamour pop of light. The studio is also equipped with a change room at the back (door hidden by our room divider pictured), and designed to be a place where bride & groom's to be, and other visitors can flip through our sample albums, portfolios and check out some of our framed work on display. In Summer our studio is strictly for use in the mornings (before the midday sun) and later in the afternoon/evening when we can let that breeze blow through, and in Winter is good all day long, and warmed up nice and toasty!

Take a look below to see inside the studio, and if you want to know more about the studio, leave a comment below!