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Jade's Maternity at the Farm

I was super excited when my niece decided to take the hours drive down to the family farm so I could dress her up and take photos of her and her gorgeous growing bump! Dressed in one of our gowns (sorry, I forget who from), topped with a gorgeous floral head crown by the very talented Emma from Big Twig Florist , I wasn't waisting this opportunity!

Okay so I've been dying to do a shoot with animals, specifically horses. But being a horse novice and no idea how to handle them (or if Tess was willing to let me), this was my big opportunity seeing old girl Tess was Jade's horse, and they were completely comfortable with each other. So Tess was pretty cruised (might have to get her out more often ;) ), and made it oh so easy, although she may have raced my mother in law to the food bucket, where my eldest was hanging out at the open gate, moments after we let her go... but well, animals will do what they're going to do.... and you can't rely on a 4 year old to keep the gate closed :p 

We also thought it would be kind of funny to get the Donkey's involved... Lizzy may have been a little stubborn (as you can probably tell), but we got a couple of good shots with her, whilst she had her eyes on her son Wonky ... yes I did just say Wonky Donkey (if you don't have little kids, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about :p ) 

Anyway, have a great Baby Shower today Jade! And enjoy! xo