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Little Eavie

There is so much going on in this new world that little Eavie is not prepared to miss a moment of it. Bright eyed and taking in everything all day every day.... so there was no way she was going to sleep for us.... no chance....

Let's just say Mum might be serious about buying a bowl and some fur in the near future haha! Only moments before everyone headed outside to see the goat (who is now on holidays with the neighbours cows... :p), only to return to us through the glass door with our terrible versions of sign language to please disappear because our sleepless angel was in fact asleep! 

It may have only been a tiny little cat nap, but it was all we needed for some sweet little detail shots of this gorgeous little girl!

The fun part of this session was knowing there was some extra things around that we could use in little Eavie's session... with deers all around, it was only fitting we added a little something into her session, which is now on a gorgeous canvas print awaiting a wall perfect for her to shine on!

Now that the Christmas gifts have been delivered, I can share a little peak into this angel's gallery.