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On the Beach with Little Madilyn

One of the most common worries when planning an outside session is the weather, and here in Victoria, that's a fair concern :p .... but the best thing is, it doesn't have to be bright blue skies and sun shining all the time. To be honest I love a bit of cloud, I get worried when the clouds don't look so white though, not that a rain shoot would be a bad thing, just that the little kids in them don't always have a fun time, especially Madilyn little ;p . However, we timed this session perfectly with the clouds opening up in downpour only moments after we left the carpark! Phew!

If you don't know Madilyn, then I suggest you look deep into her eyes... seriously, they are mesmerising like a window into the universe... I'm not kidding! Add that cheeky little grin.... ooo just adorable! No wonder her Mum & Dad, Tarra & Zac are so in awe of her, it was beautiful to watch them together, and I hope I didn't just create a bad habit after I giggled at the wrong thing.... yep! guilty! ... no wonder my kids .... never mind ;p haha

Let's take a peak ;)