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A turkey pan, a camera, and one sexy lady!

I don't often have night visitors, but when the beautiful Jess wanted to sneak out for a surprise for her husband (... a secret that lasted all of about 30 minutes after leaving lol), I was definitely keen to help out... lingerie.... lingerie.... yea I think you understand (if your new here... I'm obsessed with lingerie ;) ). With the amount of silliness and giggling, you would have thought we did absolutely nothing 'sexy' ... and when I told me husband how many gorgeous images I had captured he was in shock that was possible in the very little time we were not in fits of laughter. 

One upside of being socially awkward... I can usually tell when someone else is feeling the same. This usually follows with something stupid coming out of my mouth :) ... but it works. Come to think of it, you don't need to be feeling awkward for something stupid to come out of my mouth, but thats another story.

Turkey pan?! Yep, I did say that didn't I?! My DIY beauty light that sounds like a tinny! It cost me very little for such a great impact, I might just have to share with you my super easy version (for a later blog post)! Pair that with a gorgeous lady in the night and, well take a look for yourself ;)