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The Monkey Temple

I love animals! (If I hadn't made that obvious enough ;) ). Animals, people and kids together... I'm done! ...

Armed with my 50mm, as you can see, I got very close to a few of the monkeys. Am I crazy? likely... but more correctly, I'm just fearless when it comes to animals (yes even the reptilian kind!). I may be fearless, but I'm not silly. If you take a moment to study each animal and continue to read their body language at each step closer, you can be pretty certain how far you can push them, and what they will accept from you. There were monkeys there you would not approach, but others were more accepting of my intrusions. 

If you haven't been to the Monkey Temple in Bali before, you must check it out on your next visit. Not only do you get to meet the local residents, very cheeky ones at that, but the old ruins, moss covered stone, decorative architecture and amazing tropical atmosphere are just magical! For now though, I'll keep with the local residents and leave the rest for you to discover on your own ;)