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Coastal fun with Libby & Rose

Armed with my trusty 50mm, I took a drive out to Port Welshpool to meet Libby and her dog Rose for a session along the coast. If you haven't given it a visit, its a must, its absolutely stunning! And of course, who isn't a sucker for some Jetty shots! I will definitely be heading out there again.

From the moment I arrived, Rose was happy to see me. Such a beautiful and sweet dog, and of course playful. The moment we headed towards the sand, she was in the water following all the birds, doing what she loves to do any other time she comes for a visit to the beach. Of course, getting out her energy was a good start to the day, and joined us for some sitting sessions in between each bout. I think she spent about 80% of the time in the water, but she was happy and loving life. I am happy to report, that she went straight to sleep when she got home ;)

I loved this session with Libby & Rose, they were just the perfect match for each other. Both full of joy, love, and respect for each other. They say we are like our pets, and they both glowed together ( I must be a hyperactive, over exciteable sook... sooo maybe its true lol ). Anyway, I always say what you see and feel speaks louder than words, so lets take a peak!