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Adam & Skye's Castle Wedding

It was a BEAUTIFUL day for Adam & Skye at the AMAZING Avalon Castle, with their gorgeous little girl Harper. Needless to say, Harper definitely stole the show at times... and how could she not?! Adam & Skye embraced every moment with her throughout the day and night, and made her a big part of their ceremony. The love the three of them share, and the love family and friends showed for them was absolutely beautiful. When Harper got overwhelmed by all the guests down the isle, everyone embraced it and Adam was there to comfort her as they both watched Skye walk down the isle towards them, to embrace them both, together. 

Their day was filled with the joy of friends & family, of the love they share for each other, for Harper and for all those around them. After a spectacular day, the night continued on in awesome fashion inside the Castle, right down to the sword cutting of the cake! With AWESOME music, and everyone dancing the night away, it was clear there was plenty of fun to be had, and being had (it was hard not to join in!)

We hope you both had an AMAZING day, and thank you for bringing us in to a day so special to you.